How to get rid of spyware yourself

Spyware is a very sneaky type of computer malware because, as its name suggests, it does everything it can to stay hidden and do its malicious deeds without you knowing it. Actually, you might have spyware running on your PC right now, as you are reading this article. Also, I don’t want to scare you but to make matters even worse, you probably installed that spyware yourself. Ok so now that I have probably got your attention let’s see what are some good ways to remove spyware from your machine manually.

As I was saying above, you probably already have spyware on your computer and actually installed it yourself. So now you might be thinking what programs am I referring to exactly and how to remove spyware from your PC. Well, one good example of what I’ve said above would be all the useless toolbars that you probably have attached to your internet browser ( which by the way should not be Internet Explorer ). First of all, if you are using Internet Explorer go ahead and install another browser and set it as your default one because the truth is almost all hackers are spending their time developing malware the can bypass Internet Explorer or use its weaknesses to gain entrance to your operating system. This is of course because IE is the most used internet browser worldwide so the number of potential victims is far greater than the ones using Opera for example. Ok, now that I’ve probably convinced you to upgrade to a safer browser let’s see what’s to be done about these toolbars. Well, don’t make the mistake of just disabling them and thinking it is enough because it really isn’t. Disabling them will really solve nothing, they will still be able to run in the background and monitor your every move on the internet. If you want to completely remove spyware from your machine you need to open Control Panel first and  go to Add / Remove Programs or if you are using Win 7, open My Computer and at the top of the window click the Uninstall or Change a Program Button.  A list of all programs installed on your computer will pop up and here you need to manually select and remove all toolbars from your machine one by one. This is the only way of removing spyware permanently.

Other types of spyware that you might have deliberately installed on your PC are the useless emoticons for the various types of internet messengers you might be using. If you actually have something like this running on your PC then immediately remove them because you are in danger of being the victim of identity and personal information theft. These applications can even record your online chats and send them to a designated e-mail address. This being said, removing spyware is generally a pretty simple task if you keep an eye out for potential evil programs.

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